A Little Luxury In A Laundry Peg

Pegs On LineAs the International Distributors for the Mega Clothes Peg we would like to welcome you to our site. The humble clothes peg has been around for centuries in many shapes, sizes and styles. However, we are firmly convinced that none have the functionality and design excellence exhibited by the Mega Clothes Peg. This fabulous peg will save you so much effort, time and money compared to conventional clothes pegs.

The large size of the Mega Clothes Peg enables it to securely grip your washing in even the strongest breeze while not leaving hard to remove peg marks.

What's So Special About the Mega Clothes Peg?

For a start, this clothes peg (or clothespin) will last for ages - it comes with a lifetime guarantee. The Megapeg won't deteriorate under harsh weather conditions as plastic clothes pegs often do. It won't snap, split, rust or rot.

Secondly, the MegaPegs size sets it apart. Often people with arthritis, the elderly, or those who have limited mobility in their hands find ordinary clothes pegs difficult to use. Their small size makes them difficult to pick up. The spring means they can be hard to open and usually they snap because they have become brittle. Further, the small contact area of ordinary clothes pegs means they cannot hold washing when there is a strong breeze - and they leave nasty peg marks!

Not so with the Mega Clothes Peg. It is a large, ergonomically designed laundry peg and does not have any springs. This means there are no moving parts to fail or jam. It also means that anyone can use it as you do not have to push against a spring. The Mega Clothes Peg is easy to pick up, easy to place on the line and easy to remove yet it holds your washing securely.

Thirdly, in the long run, the Megapeg works out cheaper than other clothes pegs. While you can purchase lots of the smaller clothes pegs for less than the equivalent number of MegaPegs, you have to keep replacing them. The cost involved is not just the price of the clothes pegs, but the cost of the time, fuel, wear and tear to get to the shops to buy the replacements. Over a number of years, those costs are significant and rapidly outweigh the initial purchase price of the Mega Clothes Peg.

If you think we are biased... you're right. We have tried so many laundry pegs over the years before we found the MegaPeg and we are firmly convinced they are the best clothes pegs we have seen, and the best value for money in laundry pegs.

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